Enhancing the job profile of chauffeurs in Germany, defining new standards and perceptibly improving safety and service quality – that's our aim. And to achieve this, we work closely with Bruseco and DEKRA.

Bruseco LogoBruseco is the first institute to offer professional training that awards chauffeurs a DEKRA-certified qualification. Training as a chauffeur with Bruseco can greatly benefit chauffeurs whose aim is to serve the most discerning of customers – executive board members, top managers, government officials, politicians and VIPs.

The course concludes with a final examination set by DEKRA. To graduate successfully, DEKRA-certified VIP-chauffeurs have to fulfil extremely exacting demands regarding general traffic know-how, driving security, safety, attention and social skills.

By undertaking professional training with Bruseco you already benefit at both a social and a driving level – exactly what you need to help you advance as a chauffeur. More and more companies, employers and clients insist on the DEKRA D1 Certificate from Bruseco.

During your chauffeur training at Bruseco you practice both on public streets and on closed circuits. In addition to expanding your driving skills, a great deal of attention is given to topics like vehicle control, topographic knowledge and knowledge of traffic rules and traffic signs. Particular focus is given to training in the fields of professional ethics, manners and on how to deal with passengers.

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