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You climb into an Interline limousine and sit back and relax. Nothing could be simpler. A whole team has done everything it can to make this moment special, and of the whole team, the "only" person you'll probably meet is the chauffeur.

A committed team of professionals here at Interline Zurich is hard at work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly...

Our consultants

Our experienced team of consultants is there when you need them, either personally, on the phone or by email, to offer the right solution to meet your needs. We listen to what you have to say and provide you with a detailed proposal and a binding quotation itemising all the logistical and financial aspects. No matter whether it's a one-off event or a long-term contract for your company car pool.

Our dispatchers

Getting the right vehicle to the right place at the right time - sounds like a simple job, doesn’t it? Well it is if you know the limousine business like the back of your hand. Which is exactly what the coordination experts in our dispatching team here in Munich do. We employ experts who know the fleet that's available at any particular time, who are informed about what's going on in the region and who know which chauffeurs are on call.

Our event experts

Events are in a league of their own, and no two events are absolutely identical. With years of experience in this business, the people at Interline's event service are only too aware of this. They have precise knowledge of how to get large groups of VIP guests from A to B on time without giving them the impression that they're part of a "mass transit" exercise. Even when chauffeuring large groups of guests, the most important criterion for a successful event is giving your guests the individual and dedicated attention they deserve.

Our hostesses

The welcoming committee and coordination team on site: Next to our chauffeurs, our hostesses are probably Interline's most visible ambassadors. Either at the airport, at a special event reception desk in the hotel or at the shuttle point during your evening event, a competent team of multilingual hostesses is at hand to take care of all your coordination tasks. With a wealth of experience when it comes to organising and managing events and, in many cases, with training in tourism and cultural affairs, our hostesses are the qualified point of contact for you and your guests when the event is in full swing.

Our chauffeurs

Smartly dressed, well groomed, service-oriented and the epitome of discretion - that's how Interline's competent team of multilingual chauffeurs approach their work. All subjected to background checks before we employ them and then tested and reassessed at regular intervals, our chauffeurs are renowned for their dedication and quality. Professional and safety-conscious at all times, they have been trained to make sure that you and your guests reach your destination in comfort.

Our directors

Experienced professionals with detailed skills and knowledge of the business, commercial and operational aspects of chauffeured services - the members of our management board at Interline Munich are competent partners for our clients and our staff. They are in regular contact with their counterparts throughout the network, thus ensuring that they know exactly what is going on and how things are developing in the national and international limousine business. And as coaches for their respective teams, they pass this knowledge on. To make sure that you always get only the very best.

Interline Munich, Michael Guth

Michael Guth

Interline Munich, Jochen Husung

Jochen Husung