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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

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About Interline

What is different about INTERLINE?

Interline is Germany’s leading network of chauffeur businesses.
The high number of permanently employed chauffeurs and a fleet of limousines, vans and coaches that will comply with the highest standards especially have made us the premier choice in chauffeur services of numerous notable businesses all over the world.

Can I assume that INTERLINE conforms to all legal requirements for passenger transport?

Yes, our drivers are licensed for passenger transport, and all our vehicles are authorised and insured accordingly. For the “Rent-a-Chauffeur” service, all Interline partners have official permission for transfer of personnel. You can also rest assured that Interline pays full taxes, social security and trade association contributions for all employees.

About Bookings:

What basic information do you need from me/us in order to make a booking with INTERLINE?

We will need to know the place and the time for standby/pickup, the number of passengers, specifying an event or passenger name, the requested vehicle type and how long the chauffeur/vehicle will presumably be needed. One or more destinations do not have to be specified in advance, they will however make it easier for us to optimally plan the trip.

Can I make bookings on short notice?

In order to be able to optimally plan your trips, we ask for a booking 12 to 24 hours prior the the service. In urgent cases, we have mostly been able to provide our services on considerably shorter notice. Challenge us!

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Will you check the information in my itinerary for accuracy and completeness?

Yes, for instance all times and places for scheduled flights will automatically be checked for plausibility. Neither will you need to worry about deviations from scheduled flight data. These are automatically tracked worldwide. Thus we make sure that the chauffeur always awaits the passenger – and not vice versa. All destinations (Switzerland and Central Europe) are geocoded down to the the street number in our systems and routes and estimated travel times are calculated for you.

Can I make bookings with INTERLINE online?

If you are a registered client of Interline, you can use our online booking portal to place bookings and to access information about existing and also about past bookings.

How can I create an account with INTERLINE?

Just contact your preferred Interline partner. They will provide you with the necessary information and quickly facilitate the creation of an account.

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How much time will it take for INTERLINE to process an enquiry?

During regular office hours, enquiries are generally processed within 60 minutes.

Can I make worldwide enquiries through INTERLINE, as well?

Certainly! You will be surprised how smoothly this works. With our partner CAREY® – the global leader in chauffeured services – we have access to a network of chauffeur services in 550 cities an 65 countries all over the world.

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How can I contact INTERLINE?

We are available around the clock on 365 days/year. Outside of regular office hours – i.e. during the night, on weekends and holidays – we have an on-call service to ensure you will always receive our support with your bookings.

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What information will be listed on order confirmations?

The confirmation contains all necessary information regarding the passengers, place and time of standby or pickup, vehicle type and also information about the duration and route. Additionally, we confirm the details of the driver provided he is already dispatched.

How fast and in which format will I receive an invoice from INTERLINE?

You will generally receive invoices for services in Germany within three business days after completion of the service. Invoices are sent out either conventionally on paper or – by agreement – as a certified email, which conforms to all requirements posed by fiscal regulations.

Will you be able to assign a dedicated contact person for extensive bookings?

Yes, a single point of contact can be agreed upon. Of course, you can always contact the appropriate Interline partner directly, as well, in order to shorten the lines of communication. Irrespective of that, you will receive an invoice from one partner only.

Can I get management reports from INTERLINE?

Yes, you can get a number of reports, for instance overviews of journeys pertaining to an event, account statements itemised by passengers, cost units or vehicle types, or analyses of CO2-emissions. Our IT experts will gladly support you.

About the chauffeurs:

What is different about INTERLINE chauffeurs?

Interline permanently employs the largest number of professional chauffeurs in Germany. Their enthusiasm about their profession will be apparent to you once yo have sat in the back of one of our limousines.

Will I get professional chauffeurs from INTERLINE?

Yes, we attach great importance to professionalism. Our chauffeurs are permanently employed, experienced in its best sense and always approach their work with a professional attitude.

Which foreign languages can I expect INTERLINE chauffeurs to speak?

All Interline chauffeurs are fluent in English and often in other languages, as well. Feel free to ask us about any special requirements you might have.

Are your drivers officially certified?

Yes, more and more of our chauffeurs go through intensive “VIP chauffeur” training. The final examination is carried out by DEKRA® and results in the obtainment of the DEKRA® D1-certificate.

When will I get driver details?

We know how important it is to have reliable details about drivers, and to have them in time. We will generally send these 24 hours prior to the time of the service, and they can always be accessed online through our booking portal.
In some cases, driver details have to be determined further in advance. A specially programmed job management system and telephone system allow us to provide you with a phone number for the driver with the confirmation of your booking, even if the service is due only in several weeks‘ time.

About the vehicles:

Can I book vehicles other than those listed by INTERLINE?

Yes, we will gladly meet your demands regarding special vehicles.

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What equipment can I expect INTERLINE vehicles to have?

All vehicles used by Interline are of dark colour and equipped with air conditioning, leather seating, navigation system and tinted windowpanes. Also, most cars have a glass roof and separate air conditioning in the back.

What is different about the INTERLINE fleet?

Our vehicles are selected with great care, equipped specially as chauffeured cars and maintained accordingly, so that they always guarantee the passengers a comfortable journey and a representative arrival at their destination.