Chauffeur Service Zurich

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Your own car is your pride and joy.
That's what our chauffeurs think, too.

Sometimes you just can't be bothered to get behind the wheel of your own car. Or maybe you do actually want to use your car, but you really have to finish off some work on the way from your hotel in the heart of Zurich to an important business meeting in one of the region's many business and industrial parks and need someone to do the thinking and the driving for you. This is where Interline's exclusive chauffeur service is the perfect solution.

Our multilingual chauffeurs - all "suited and booted" just as you want them - will be more than happy to take over the task of driving to allow you to get on with your work or simply to relax. And like all Interline chauffeurs, the unique team that assumes responsibility for either your own car or, during events, even your entire company fleet is not only specially trained for the job, but also fully familiar with Zurich's network of roads. Your chauffeur also knows the best place for the most spectacular view of the Alps or which mountain railway will get you to the summit fastest.

Each and every one of our chauffeurs takes his chosen profession seriously, meets the appropriate legal stipulations necessary for the job, and has excellent local knowledge. Absolutely professional, reliable, flexible and courteous, all Interline Zurich chauffeurs are permanently employed by us and regularly attend vocational training seminars and driving safety courses.